Us Kids Know


Inspired by No Cars Go by Arcade Fire. Most of these words are my own, but any lyrics/reference to lyrics used are full credit to the band.

Us Kids Know

It’s the feeling you get when you’re running
Sprinting and gasping, then
The summit. And the world has never
Looked so small yet so beautiful all at once.

It’s the drop in your stomach when
Your favourite band walk on stage
And the excitement and nerves merge to one.
Until you’re screaming and crying and not knowing why

It’s the smell of something
From ten years ago, when you
Couldn’t care for the world, but it loved you.
Before life squeezed at your heart.

It’s falling in love
Over and over and over and over.
The tightness and heat in your chest
That should be unpleasant, but never is.

It’s the space between the click
Of the light, and the start of the dream.
Where you’re weightless and hazy
And nothing.

It’s the wind making your hair dance and
Blowing so hard that your words
And laugher and screams can
Never be heard.

It’s a place without cars;
Planes, subs and spaceships.
It’s mine and it’s yours.
It’s a place for you and me.

It’s a place that us kids know;
A place where no cars go.


Written 06/17

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