Hey, Orpheus

Yet another Arcade Fire inspired piece. Most words are my own, with full credit of lyrics going to the band. Shoutout/credit to the Ancient Greeks for having such cool myths as well.

Hey, Orpheus

I thought you could tell Orpheus;
those words weren’t mine
My lips were closed
when the screams began.

Patience is a virtue,
but were we before our time?
Because we didn’t have long,
my dear.

Time is the enemy of those who grow old, but
that is something I shall never know.
Hades is a spiteful man Orpheus,
but he keeps his word.

Je ne peux pas comprends
Votre tête tournante; votre voix.
De l’autre côté de l’eau
Comme un écho.
Mais hélas…

These wicked rivers
will freeze over one day.
And maybe then we can resume
what we so tentatively began.

Don’t turn around
I could have screamed
but you never were one for listening.


Completed 05/17

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