I’m not too big a fan of this one. Was gonna do a Jack piece then a Jack & Sally piece to continue to the story, but I kind of gave up. Maybe one day. Creds to Disney/Tim Burton for the creation of Sally, though I feel my character deviates nicely from the original.


People say they didn’t ask to be born;
Well honey, I didn’t ask to be made.
Because even if you hate everything
You have, you are you.

I am not me.

My heart belonged to a kindly carpenter;
My brain to a Dark Knight.
Ripped out shortly after death.
The body that carries me made
From the piles of dead.

The stiches that hold me together
Work, but only for my limbs.
My mind is a different story,
And my heart a different tale.

The darkness manifested in my brain
Doesn’t stay there like it should.
It flows out my mouth and through my fists
In a torrent that I can’t control.

White light from my heart
Often tries to compensate. But the battle
Hurts like the needles that made me,
And stabs like the cold at night.

Sometimes the darkness is like
The blood that I don’t possess.
Approaching my heart, steady as the tide.

When the darkness crashes over my heart
The light goes. And that’s the worst part.
Because whether I love you,
Or if I hate you,
I’ll hurt you all the same.

Because the heart that loves you
Is gone; no longer mine.
And if we’re being perfectly honest
It was never mine to begin with.

The only way snuff the darkness
Is to drown it with the light of love,
Or succumb to it, and welcome
The blackness of death.

Death is rather hard to achieve
When you’re made from the dead.
And love,
Well love is truly laughable.

This isn’t my fairytale.

In the battle of Heroes and Villains,
Us Villains always lose.
And I find it funny that ending I deserve
Might just be the death I so crave.

But this isn’t my story to dictate.
So I sit – sit and wait.
Dates and years blur as I await the day
That the darkness comes to wash me away.


Written 04/17

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