Tales from another broken home

This one’s pretty personal to me. The album in reference is Green Day’s American Idiot. All lyrics are italicised. Creds to the band for such a great album.

Tales from another broken home

Bought in a shop before it shut down
(Like your life)
The last thing he gave you
And it would seem significant now
How this foreshadowed the next years of your life

Like my father’s come to pass
It’s like you expected it
He was dead before his heart stopped beating
A ghostly shadow of himself

It’s not over ’till you’re underground
Or so you thought
It went on for weeks
Unresolved pain that you couldn’t share

Thought I ran into you down on the street
Then it turned out to only be a dream
Even now, it’s the only way
You can see him
And years on
The anger still churns in you when
You’re reminded of the wasted time

The musical connection you lost
Try and seek it with anyone you meet

But this album itself
Could carry you for years
Changing in meaning as your life does too
Laughter, sadness, hope
This album’s seen it all

Like the man it so reminds you of
The blackness of death
The purity of hope
Of the red pain and love in between

A heart shaped grenade
Clutched by a ghostly pale hand
And like the aftermath of a war
Disaster brings you together
United by pain and love all the same

Frayed over time like the love that you hold
Cracked like your heart
Worn like your brain
You will never hear the songs the same
As you did
When he gave you it
Four years ago

Written 11/16

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