Anorexia Sonnet

To make things very clear – I do NOT like this piece. I wrote it early on in my course when I was experimenting with what sort of poetry I liked best. Needless to say, sonnets are not a favourite. However, I’ve decided to post all the old stuff of mine that I can find, and that includes pieces I don’t particularly like. Whilst I hate the piece itself, it is about my battle with an eating disorder, so is personal to me.

Anorexia Sonnet

It starts with an unconscious decision
You wanted to be healthy but not lose.
Watch what you eat with constant precision.
Soon you’ve lost the ability to choose.

Started with food but now exercise too.
No night you do not run so you are sick.
You can’t feel, can’t cry, you can’t even chew.
Try as you might; can’t get rid of this tick.

You realise one day when you hear that song
Happiness is possible – you are free!
The voice in your head, it’s been here too long
You’ve shed your blindfold, and now you can see.
Your head does not spin, your chest does not heave
You have stopped drowning, and now you can breathe.

Written 06/16

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